Cyra's Sexy Books

Allyson R. Abbott

With one eye on the television, I’m propped up in bed - several fancy cushions and pillows stuffed behind me - determined to finish this presentation; it's not urgent, but I like to be organised and prepared just in case.

The film, however, keeps distracting me. George Clooney, as sexy as ever, is trying to win over Julia Roberts. How does she resist him? Or for that matter, why? He is sex on legs. I could do with some sex on legs myself. Actually, I could do with some sex, legs or not. Why is it assumed that you don’t think about or want sex as you get older? I still have urges, albeit not as often, but an urge is an urge.

I shuffle through the papers and books that surround me, searching for that perfect quote for the final slide; but my mind has now slipped from focus. Reaching for the glass of wine that sits on my bedside table reminds me about my secret sex toy, my magic wand, hidden at the back of the drawer. Moving my hand to the drawer handle, I snatch it back quickly. No, now is not the time, I have work to do. While swirling the deep maroon coloured wine around in the cut crystal goblet I slyly glance at George. Hmm, sex. How long has it been? I carry on spinning the wine as I ponder the equation. It's been four years, 7 months, two weeks and 2 days since I last had sex. Not that I am counting or anything, but a woman just knows these things.

All those days, hours and minutes without sex or love. No wonder I’m going crazy talking to myself and building a relationship with a wand.

What I need is a man and a plan of action to get one, or at least get some sex to check everything still functions. No more wand and no more counting minutes or days from when it last happened. I’m going to look forward and plan my next encounter; whenever that is. As a professional project manager this should be easy so I consult my phone again tapping rapidly at the keys while I check my calendar.

Surely I can fit in one night of hot sweaty sex if I can find a suitable person? Is one night of sex going to cut it or perhaps it’s time for a relationship? What I need to do is to find a possible candidate and then see what happens. But where am I going to fit it in my schedule and how do I find this suitable person?