Allyson R. Abbott

A Hen Lit, not a Chick Lit

A moving, but also humorous love story about a couple in their sixties who are struggling to cope with the new lifestyle changes forced on them through redundancy.  Pam, the narrator, wants more from life, while Jeff her husband of forty years wants peace of mind.

The relationship…is one that anyone in a couple can understand and relate to; especially those that consider themselves to have sunk into a rut.  The threat of something new challenges their old way of life, even something as simple as salsa dancing”. C.S from the UK

Salsa offers Pam an opportunity of excitement each week, particularly as Victor, a regular, takes a fancy to her and becomes determined to help improve her moves.  She struggles between the loyalty to her husband and the draw of a new adventure.

The use of a first person narrative is an interesting approach to this story as it automatically brings the reader in on an equal level and allows them to be privy to the inner most emotions that the narrator feels.

Salsa or Die

Cyra's Sexy Books

Second in the Silver Nights Romance Collection