Cyra's Sexy Books

The friendly, fast and fastidious formatting service for your electronic book, your printed book or both.

Whether you are just looking to convert a single file from one format to another, layout your first ebook or looking to combine ten novels into a box set, I’m your man.

Fiction, Nonfiction, Images, Tables, Mobi, ePub, PDF, Kindle, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, CreateSpace. Bring it on!

My previous work has included books for International Bestselling authors from America, The UK, Europe and the West Indies. Their books have included full length novels, short stories and novellas as well as nonfiction books – including Technical and Travel books. Most have had ebook and print ready versions. Box sets have varied from combining a few books by one author up to twelve books all by different authors. Again these were formatted for both ebook and Print on Demand PDF’s.

My prices start from $20 for a single ‘file format’ conversion

email me for larger books or special requirements

Allyson R. Abbott

Ed Buckly’s
Formatting Service

Books with additional images or tables charged at $2.00 per image/table

Above 200K words just email me for a quote.

Technical books requiring tables, line diagrams, formulae are welcome. Please email me with your requirements.