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Cyra May is the pen name of the International bestselling author Allyson R. Abbott. When asked why she needed a pen name, Allyson, explained that she’d had a new character screaming inside her head for a while, demanding to be released. This new character, and new series of books, didn’t fit well with her usual genre. Cyra May has given her the space to be a little different, without shocking her current followers.

The Devil Drives Down to Vegas, is the title of the (so far) ‘fictitious’ sexy film mentioned in Allyson’s book, ‘Slaving Over Valentine’ - the sequel to ‘Slaving Over Christmas’. Both books are from Allyson’s erotic ‘Slaving Over’ series and published by Books to Go Now.

Allyson decided to write ‘The Devil Drives Down to Vegas’ for a bit of fun to launch Cyra May’s career - in readiness for my exciting new series
The Professionals

I am looking for
Sexy Book Lovers 

to join my
Sexy Read Team.

Can you spare a few hours to help me?

I am writing a lot of short sexy reads in The Professionals series.  You can get early release copies  in exchange for your feed back and suggestion.

If you would like to join the team please email me for more information;

Thank you. Cyra and Allyson.

Allyson R. Abbott