Allyson R. Abbott

 Book Lovers. Can you spare a few hours please?

I am looking for help in lots of different ways, either with beta reading, reviewing, proofreading, promoting, etc. If you can spare a few hours a month, please email me for more details; no commitment.  Thank you.  Allyson.

#1 International Bestselling and Award Winning Author 
Finalist in OKRWA ‘Contemporary Short’ Book Awards
Pinnacle Award Winning Author 
Readers’ Favorite 5 star seal winner for six books

There was so much to learn about being an independent writer and publisher, and to be honest I'm still learning. Now many years down the line I have  published fiction and nonfiction, and still get that tingle of satisfaction when I sell a copy or get a great review. It is awesome to think that the words I threaded together on a page, other people are reading, and hopefully enjoying, or learning something from them.

One of my greatest lessons I have learned thought this whole journey is how unselfishly the author community help and support other authors, offer advice about anything and not expect a thing in return. It is truly a great network to be part of and I am proud to be a member of such a group of fantastic people.

As you will be able to see from the Bookshelf;  I share with Cyra (my sassy other side), I write in different genres and about different topics, I incorporate different age groups, from New Adult to my eldest character, based on my mother, in An English Rose. All my stories will have a little humour in them, as I am great believer in 'a smile a day, helps keep the stress at bay'. Also being a mature aging gracefully' woman, I feel akin to the problems of aging and relationships, and therefore a few stories lean towards the 'boomer generation'. Tales of mature relationships with mature people, about people who have character and humour, who have a history; people just like us. They are about real relationships with lots of laughs along the way. My latest fiction is a little grittier, with Foxxy at the helm, but plenty of smiles along the way. 

I hope you enjoy my stories (some of which are free), or find my nonfiction books helpful. Please do get in touch with me I love to receive emails and will do my best to answer within two days.

With love and best regards, please keep safe

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Hello and thank you very much for taking the time to check out my website.  I can't 

express how much I appreciate your support and interest in my books. 

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I come from Northamptonshire in England, however when my partner retired

in 2012 we spent a lot of time travelling or visiting other countries and finally have settled in Spain. Between us we

have seven children and, as of May 2020, a total of six grandchildren. We are extremely grateful to the advancements

of technology, which allows us to enjoy our later years in life, while still keeping in regular contact with our extended

family that is spread across two continents. 

It was during our 2014 road trip in a motorhome around the USA, that the idea of writing cropped up. The scenery and the attractions were great, but I was getting a little bored; there are only so many books you can read in one day.  I'd always been an avid reader, enjoying a range of genres and authors for whom I had a lot of respect. Where did their ideas come from? how can they plot such a tale?

With an established love of books and reading, and an overwhelming urge to write one myself I went into a Dollar shop, purchased a pen and pad of paper and started writing. It has been a roller coaster ride ever since. I Still have a lot of respect for the authors who plot and plan. I just can't do it. I just start writing. the first line is the hardest, the first paragraph is next and then I am off and running. I let the characters guide me.

Allyson Rose Abbott