Allyson R. Abbott

The Whole Journey of an Author.

From the start fo the writing/editing process through publishing, promoting to gathering reviews.

Written by an author who stumbled on through the fog, who is using her experience to help others have an easier journey.

All 5 Star award winning from Readers' Favorite

 Building on the series of book specially written to help and support authors, Allyson has teamed up with Donna, from Wise Owls PR to give you advice and experience from all sides of the market; as authors, promotors and most of all readers.

This is a valuable book that will point you in the right direction to help increase the number of reviews for your book.

Getting reviews is one of the most frustrating elements of publishing a book, it is not easy and will not happen overnight, but with our help, and a bit of patience, you will learn about different approaches to gradually build them up.

Having reviews trickle in will help your book in the Amazon Rankings and bring new readers.
We will:
• Offer different approaches for gaining reviews
•  Explain how reviews (even negative reviews) help with your book ranking
•  Discuss Social Media benefits for gathering reviews

The                        Series

Book 2

Book 1

A Go To Indie Author's Handbook

Promoting your Book using Social Media is now going to become a whole lot easier

Do you know How to Navigate the Social Media Maze?  Which platform serves you best? How network to build your fan base? The pitfalls and the benefits?
If the answer no, then this is the book you have been waiting for.

Written with experience by Allyson, an Award Winning and Bestselling Author and Donna, Owner of Wise Owls PR, who has been helping and supporting authors for several years.

Do you know?:
What you need to do to get yourself or your book noticed?
How to build a following on Twitter?
How to organise an event on Facebook?
What is the difference between Buffer, Hootsuite or Twittimer?
How to get appropriate sales links for your books?

Social Media is one of the fastest ways to promote your book and yourself to a world-wide audience of readers. It is also complex and time-consuming. It especially can be intimidating when you start out.

It certainly was a challenge for both of us when we first got involved in the indie author community on Social Media.  We are still learning new things and best practices as SM is always changing and growing, but what we know, we will share.

With this book, we will help you Navigate the Maze of Social Media 


A Go To Indie Author's Handbook

All the three books are

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Paperback at $12.99 each

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The Journey for only $21.99

Three Books to Help New Authors find their way

A Go To Indie Author's Handbook

 A ‘Go To’ Handbook for Indie Authors
Calling all Authors…Especially Indie Authors; at last, an easy to understand help book to guide you along the path from writing to publishing.

Have you ever wondered about writing and self-publishing? Are you lacking in confidence, because you don’t know where to begin, or if you start? Are you flummoxed before you even start, by all the jargon and terminology that seems common place on the internet?

Does the thought of self-publishing scare you? With the responsibility of writing, editing, cover and publishing?

How to Navigate: The Path from Writing to Publishing takes you through the whole process, giving advice, explaining the jargon, highlighting good practice and also the pitfalls to watch out for.

This book clarifies the different stages of the writing to publishing process and describes each step from personal experience, backed up with expert advice from linked sources scattered throughout each page.

With aresource webpage on tap with hundreds of extra resource links, this ‘go to’ handbook is a must for all aspiring and newbie authors or writers, as well as established authors who are looking to take a step from a traditional  publisher to begin a new journey as a hybrid author.

Welcome to the learning curve of being and Indie Author, with this book your journey will be made easier.

These 3 books are all also available through

Book 3