Allyson R. Abbott

​I cannot say enough good things about this book. It has action, tension and a lot of sad situations. When an escort resolves to get out from under the life she is forced to lead, help comes from an unexpected source. The story unfolds as revenge is planned against the man that is giving her so many problems.

 Foxxy: The Equalizer​:Book 1

​​ Author: Allyson R Abbott  

Amazon Reviewer 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 Stars from Kathleen Bulfon

A snippet from chapter 3 in The Equalizer: Foxxy's Tipping Point

​​The New Series from Award Winning and Bestselling  

Foxxy has never had a life to shout about. Until that night!
She’s the modern-day Equalizer with Robin Hood as a partner…

Long ago, Foxxy’d accepted being dealt an unfair hand, especially after a recent beating from her pimp, Eddie. Now all she can do is focus on staying alive; which means keeping out of trouble until she’s saved enough money to start a new life. One which includes revenge and seeking justice for the pain and humiliation she’s suffered through the years at Eddie’s hands.

But a chance meeting of a handsome stranger’s eyes across a crowded ballroom changed everything. An invisible thread wove itself around her heart and his, pulling them together for a few timeless moments before the spell was broken. Realizing fate was at work, he used every means possible to track her down. Because nothing would keep him from the woman of his dreams.

Along with the opportunity for a new life, Foxxy’s being offered hope, as well as the means to plan Eddie’s retribution; not just for her but for every woman he’s abused. Foxxy’s never lived a life to be proud of until that night, and recognizing her new life purpose, Foxxy sets out to avenge anyone who’s deserving, and desperately needs her help.


​Foxxy was trying to decide if it was a smile or a grin, but she liked the way he acted confidently, even though he only had socks on his feet. He certainly seemed happy with this situation, unlike Foxxy who was getting more anxious by the minute. A smile was nothing; a smile, she knew from her own experience, could hide many secrets.

Foxxy sensed an electricity between them; a sizzling current held the air as they watched each other in silence. She felt uncomfortable, a little warm. Not because she was in a room with a handsome grinning stranger, but because she had no idea why she was here. Her normal routine was to meet the person, do whatever he had paid for and leave. Here, not having a clue what was expected from her was like wearing a paper rain coat on a cloudy day, having no idea if the coat was up to the job. The uncertainty did not sit easily with her. She felt unsure and therefore defenseless, not knowing how to play this game, which she somehow did not know the rules for. For the first time she was at a loss.

On the other hand, his demeanor was calm and he didn’t look threatening at all, but he also didn’t look like he was desperate for a hooker

or even an escort. He was relaxed, normal and very happy, but he was connecting and sending signals that Foxxy wasn’t used to or

could decipher. He wanted something from her, she was sure of that, but what he wanted she had no idea. She tried to calm her heart

with some slow deep breathing and decided to take up his offer to remove her jacket.

Knowing he watched, she stood and slowly unfastened the two buttons across her breasts. She brushed away an imaginary piece of

fluff from the opening of her blouse and carefully folded the jacket. Bending as low as she could, to make sure he could glimpse her

cleavage, she leaned over to place the jacket on her bag. Usually seductive moves hastened any action by frustrated clients; Foxxy

secretly hoped that he might reveal his hand. But nothing. He only watched and smiled. Knowingly.

She sat, crossed her long legs, making sure her skirt slipped upwards, sipped her water and waited. Let’s see if he can resist that.

“So,” he finally said, after scrutinizing her for a few more minutes with his smiling face. “Tell me a bit about yourself.”

Okay, so this is not about sex. “Is this an interview, Mr. Blake?”

He laughed. The sound was mellow and warming, helping Foxxy to relax slightly, but she was cautious. Her fingers slotted together to stop her from fidgeting while waiting for his verbal response and she licked her dry lips and took another sip of water. She couldn’t help noticing the crow’s feet as his sparkling eyes closed slightly with his chuckling. The deep sound of his laughter caused a slight smile to twitch on her own lips. How she longed to be told why she was here so she could either enjoy his company or leave at the earliest point possible. He did seem like someone she could relax and have a few laughs with. It had been a long time since she’d felt that way, but until she was sure about him, she needed to be careful. Either way he was a client from Eddie, and she knew the rules.

“I’m sorry for laughing, Stella. I just love your directness. Please call me Pete.” He stood up and held out his hand to shake. “Pete Blake. Well, that’s the name I’m using at this moment,” he laughed. “What about you?”​

Amazon Reviewer 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 Stars from David Morris  VINE VOICE Reviewer

I absolutely loved this book and was honored to have been able to read and review. It was such a phenomenal read and had amazing characters as well as an amazing story line. I just could not get enough of it and once I started reading it I could not put it down. I recommend that you read it.​

Vigilante / Justice / Romance

Introduction to Foxxy by Allyson.

Throughout my fiction I aim to give my female characters depth and a tough side, 'I can do it' focus. Within the romance genre, that is not always easy, but so far all my stories have strong women characters. This time I wanted stronger, I wanted to add more than just romance, I wanted to add a 'driven focus' to make the story edgier and a little grittier. Hopefully Foxxy has that edge and motivation, she is born from the #metoo era from the generation of women who rise up and take no more from a male dominated world. She demands equality, not just for her but for other vulnerable and bullied women.  Well, that is the aim. I just hope it gets fullfilled. This is the first book in the series with the second one well on it's way.  Let me introduce you to Foxxy.

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