Allyson R. Abbott

“You take care on your trip, Linda. Have a lovely time, but do take care, you have never

travelled on your own before. Keep your money and jewels locked up.”

“I’m not actually taking my jewels”, I replied, “just a few beads.”

Fiona laughed, “They’re not the jewels I was talking about.” Turning, she ran back to the car

and yelled,

“There is always someone who will take advantage of a merry widow.” She jumped into the car and shut the door, waving, while she pulled out of the drive.“Mmm, merry widow.” I never thought of myself like that.

Linda’s husband can’t tell her what to wear or what to do anymore…now that he’s dead. A pension, insurance money and rainy day savings makes Linda a wealthy widow. And

she’s going to make some changes. First on the list is a trip to Fiji.

But is Linda ready to change her life? She’s finding exotic Fiji adventures are a little

outsider her element. Thank goodness the hotel’s handsome horse riding and scuba diver instructor is there to come to her rescue. But can she rescue her heart…put aside the past…

and open up to love again?  And can she stop shouting at Martin’s ashes?

it's never too late to start again

Goodbye, Hello