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Allyson R. Abbott

Erotic Short Story:  Adult Content Alert

Scarely Good New Story 

Slaving over Series Book 3

Fancy Dress season is upon them and Jill and Tom have different ideas about costumes. Jill. Being in charge knows exactly what Tom will or not be wearing, but she wonders again if their secret life is bubbling to the surface.

Confiding with her best friend Bev, Jill is also wondering what the other side of the slave world would be like as Bev fills her in on her own new bedroom activities. Jill’s sexual appetite just seems to grow, rather than be diminished by this new onslaught of sexual games.

Having been married for twenty years, she knows her and Tom are a solid couple, and the last nine months have confirmed their love and trust in each other, but Jill is wondering where the line of respectability is and whether their friends and family will be shocked when they arrive at the party. Is there a step too far? Will Tom accept his costume and role in front of his friends and family? Will Jill be able to hold it all together and pull of the acting role of her life?

Slaving over Halloween is the 3rd book in the series that follows Jill and Tom through new bedroom adventures that seem to keep leaking to the outside world.