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Allyson R. Abbott

Erotic Story:  Adult Content Alert

The Devil Drives Down to Vegas
The Book of the Film featured in Slaving Over Valentine.

Hang on to your seat belts for one of the hottest rides of your life..

Samantha (Sam):  A sex hungry ‘devil may care’ Hitchhiker from the wild side.
Duke: ‘The Devil pulls the Strings’ Duke, ‘cool and collected’, patiently plotting revenge.
1967 Cadillac Coupe DeVille:  The cherry red V8 star of the show; with a bench seat. for convenience.
‘She was ready to have some fun and right now Duke was her fantasy and she wanted him to stay that way. It was time to turn up the heat on this road trip, and she wasn’t talking about the thermostat in the car.’
Unfortunately, the Devil is in charge of the heat control
“Is that really how you want it to end after all that anticipation?”
“Well, it maybe isn’t ideal, but it’s pretty damn good.”
“It could be a whole lot better.”
“It depends on how far you’re willing to go. You started this little game, girl. Are you ready now to put your money where your mouth is and take it to the ultimate challenge?”
Sam tilted her chin defiantly. “There isn’t any challenge I’m not up for if you are. Bring it on. What do you have in mind?”
The Finale
Driving a classic caddy, a hot guy, one that she’d just left weak at the knees no less, lots of sexy fun, and fully satisfied—the last leg of the trip couldn’t have been any better if she’d planned it this way.