Allyson R. Abbott

Erotic Story:  Adult Content Alert

The Masseur
A short sexy read

​Book 13 of The Professional Series

Warm hands and cold water are the perfect cure for a stiff neck.
Housewife and author, Stella, seems to suffer with a lot of health niggles that can only be sorted out through a massage. Each visit miraculously cures her problems and also supplies her imagination for her next book.
One of The Professional series of ‘sexy short reads’ by  Cyra May


“Better safe than sorry. Give Betsy a call, see if she can fit you in.”
Doug stood, noisily slurping the last of his coffee and scraping the chair along the floor, making Stella grimace with annoyance. Raising her head slightly, she watched him throw a couple of notes on the table and head towards the door. “There you are, honey, my treat. See if we can fix that migraine before it sets right in. There’s a meeting after work so I could be late.”
So he’d taken it for granted that the massage would work miracles and had no intention of collecting the children. He was so predictable, and so out of touch. Stella hadn’t seen Betsy for over a year. Glancing at the money, she smiled.
Tidying the kitchen, she carefully washed the two pills down the sink before calling a number from memory. It was answered after two rings. “Hello?”
“Hi, Ben. Any chance you could fit me in this afternoon for a massage or something? I can feel a tension headache coming on from my stiff neck,” she giggled.
“Stella, what a lovely surprise. Of course, I’m always free for you. A massage or something sounds fantastic; I could do with a break. I’ll tidy up the studio, have a shower, and be ready in thirty.”
“Perfect” she purred, “I’ll see you then.”
Just hearing his sexy voice had eased the pain in her neck and relaxed her muscles, sending a warm glow through her body.

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The Professionals Series

The Professionals’ Short Sexy Reads will take you through an erotic alphabetical journey, as each new hot encounter introduces a different profession starting with another letter until all the alphabet has been completed. All with different couples, situations and approaches. Variety, I am told, is the spice of life.

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