Allyson R. Abbott

Erotic Story:  Adult Content Alert

The Veterinarian
A short sexy read

​Book 22 of The Professional Series

A bored housewife and a fat cat club
Bored housewife Sasha has found a warm welcome at her local ‘Fat Cat’ weight watchers session. Literally, a weekly weigh in for poor Henry, her over weight Norwegian Forest Cat.
Henry, however seems to gets less attention than his mistress, from the new young Veterinarian, who appears to have all the ladies queueing up for his services. Never have cats been so overfed.
One of The Professional series of ‘sexy short reads’ by  Cyra May


After his shirt hit the floor he stripped me of my blouse and bra. My nakedness enhanced my throbbing and even more so when he stopped to take in the view. His face, giving away his desire, pushed my confidence forward and I leaned forward to undo his belt. The huge lump beneath his zipper urged me to hurry. I unclipped his button deftly with my thumb and tugged the zipper down while sliding my hand onto his hard cock as soon as the space allowed.
He groaned aloud, causing Henry to respond with his own frustration as a meow echoed around the room. We both looked down at the cat in the carrier, who was watching all the activity.
“Hmm, just in case he can talk”, Clark laughed, as he slid the disgruntled Henry behind the curtain, but then turned all his attention back to me. I looked up at his face and saw beauty. His piercing eyes, his strong nose, oh there are places I wanted that nose to go, and his lips, so full and so yummy.

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The Professionals Series

The Professionals’ Short Sexy Reads will take you through an erotic alphabetical journey, as each new hot encounter introduces a different profession starting with another letter until all the alphabet has been completed. All with different couples, situations and approaches. Variety, I am told, is the spice of life.

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