Allyson R. Abbott

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A moving, but also humorous love story about a couple in their sixties who are struggling to cope with the new lifestyle changes forced on them through redundancy.  Pam, the narrator, wants more from life, while Jeff her husband of forty years wants peace of mind.

The relationship…is one that anyone in a couple can understand and relate to; especially those that consider themselves to have sunk into a rut.  The threat of something new challenges their old way of life, even something as simple as salsa dancing”. C.S from the UK

The Devil Drives Down To Vegas

Rose spends hours reflecting about her youth and years gone by. She would love to get out of the house, have fun and meet more people. Lacking confidence through her failing vision, Rose now relies too heavily on her daughters who are only too keen to help.
On meeting Bill, during one of her rare solo shopping trips, she is immediately comfortable in his presence and uncharacteristically responds to this new friendship. She surprises her family with her new found element of freedom as a spark of laughter and purpose comes flooding back into her routine.

Hang on to your seat belts for the hottest ride of your life. {DO NO TRY THIS AT HOME}


Samantha (Sam):  A sex hungry ‘devil may care’ Hitchhiker from the wild side.

Duke: ‘The Devil pulls the Strings’ Duke, ‘cool and collected’, patiently plotting revenge.

1967 Cadillac Coupe DeVille: The cherry red V8 star of the show; with a bench seat for convenience.

‘She was horny and ready for fun and right now Duke was her fantasy. It was time to turn up the heat on this road trip, and she wasn’t talking about the thermostat in the car.’

Unfortunately, the Devil is in charge of the heat control

Senior Project Manager Marie realizes that it's been way too long since having any kind of sexual relationship with any thing other than her reliable sex toy.  She decided action is needed.
Using her professional training and organisational management skills, which she is very proud of, she sets about on a new project: Countdown to Love, using Valentine’s Day as a deadline. 

As an empathiser of being lonely, she also includes her neighbor Richard into her project to help give his boring and quiet life a boost. Little does she know he has his own project on the boards and she blithely ignores his world, while focusing on her mission to find them both dates / sex / love before the Valentine Day deadline

The Author

Writer's block has never been so good.

When unexperienced Cyra finds herself with writer's block half way through a commitment to write erotic books, she decides research is needed. She is in the ideal place, at a holiday resort surrounded by fun loving, nearly naked men.

Delighted to find some keen males, Cyra is then swept up by their plans and spends the evening making mental notes for next few books. A Hot, hot, sizzling read.

As a huge thank you to all our readers Cyra and I (haha) have decided that we would like to give you some of our books for free. We hope you enjoy them, sweet or spicy. 

Countdown to Love

Salsa or Die

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