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Sensational New Release in the          'Slaving Over' Series.

Hot & Spicy  book of the Film

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After having the Best Christmas Ever in unexpected roles as Mistress and Slave, Jill and Tom decide to take it a step further. Or should I say Jill decides! In this shades of pink story, Jill gets to make all decisions and their sex life is ramped up to exhilarating. Although, Tom is yet to learn about Jill’s new idea of keeping him in order when she’s not about.
Find out about Jill and Tom’s orgasmic road trip to Las Vegas that gets them both hot under the collar, and how Jill collects twice at the roulette table!

First in the Series

Who knew that being a mistress was such a turn on and that all Tom needed was a good spanking to get an erection! But who wins in the end, who is in charge?

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